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Safety Systems

Process Safety Applications

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Modular SIL3 PLC systems


Engineered for flexibility and productivity
With all the benefits of XMR

HIMatrix systems

Fast, intelligent, flexible

  • Compact and modular safety-related controllers and remote I/O modules.
  • Proven HIMA safety technology.
  • Certified up to SIL 3 (IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and ISA 84.01)
  • Certified for BMS and F&G appliactions (NFPA 85, NFPA 72)
  • Response time = 20 ms, cycle time for 1 K program approx. 0.02 ms, the fastest safety PLC in the world.
  • Communication via safeethernet, Profibus DP Master & Slave, OPC, Modbus RTU und TCP Master & Slave, Send & Receive CP, INTERBUS Master, EtherNet/IP, CUT, SNTP

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Compact PES's

HIMatrix F20

Remote I/O

Features of the F20

  • The smallest safety controller in the world.
  • 8 individual channels, configurable as input or output.
  • Including line monitoring.
  • 4 digital pulsed outputs.
  • 2 Ethernet switch ports.

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HIMax extends HIMA platform line-up

  • Extends the HIMA platform system spectrum.
  • Designed for large, time critical and complex applications .
  • Long-term flexibility for online expansion of small/medium sized applications.

HIMax - A new era in safety and plant profitability

  • Eliminate all the shortcomings of current safety platforms available today
  • Provide maximum safety, maximum availability & eliminate false trips
  • NONSTOP operation for the life of the plant
  • Unmatched speed, power & performance
  • Future-proof,  every upgrade, every modification, every expansion on-line
  • Flexible architectures - centralized, distributed, remote I/O or any mix
  • Tight OPEN integration to any DC - guaranteed
  • Any application, any size, any speed -using a single platform

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HIMax - Communications Platforms

  • HIMax is built for Fieldbus
  • Safety and non-safety busses supported
  • Each CPU set supports up to 20 COM modules
  • COM module supports 2 field bus connections and  4 Ethernet ports (RJ-45).
  • Each COM module can run up to 4 protocols  simultaneously
  • Protocols can be a mixture between safe & non-safe, serial or Ethernet

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Data Access Alarm & Event



Fire & Gas Systems

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ESD - Relay Logic Replacement

  • Small enough to fit in same panel
  • Fully programmable/flexible
  • Full visibility of logic & diagnostics
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Logic totally secure
  • Expandable from 8 points
  • Easy integration with DCS


Burner Management Systems (BMS)

  • Local operator touch screen - eliminate lamps & buttons, add  detailed diagnostics
  • Full visibility to DCS via OPC or Modbus

Combine all 3 functions into single system

High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)

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Turbo Machinery Control & Safety

Pipeline Automation & Leak Detection

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